Welcome to Kent and Medway’s Health and Sustainable Planning Toolkit.

This website is designed for use by planners, public health professionals and environmental sustainability specialists and demonstrates the added value that can be generated from joint working. The purpose of this online resource is to help planners make informed decisions in support of healthcare and sustainability, supporting delivery of the National Planning Policy Framework in a locally appropriate way; and to facilitate and support joined up working between planning, health and sustainability officers in order to deliver across multiple outcomes more efficiently.

Case Studies

Kent County Council have collated the following case studies that provide examples of projects with a strong health focus as well as an overlap with planning and sustainability agendas. To view more details of case studies in your area, simply click on the pins for more information.



Why address health through planning?

Joint working with health professionals (e.g. public health, NHS) will fulfil statutory obligations linked to participatory inclusion of local stakeholders and preparing a sound Local Plan. This includes ensuring that health service expansion is effectively planned to meet the needs of a growing population.



Why engage with planning?

There are many reasons why health professionals should engage with planning including; the influence of planning on the domains of the Public Health Outcomes Framework and on the Social Care Outcomes Framework and the potential for cost savings to public health and the health service.



Why engage with health and planning?

Many environmental sustainability specialists already work closely with planners, commenting on planning applications or informing the development of planning policies. However there are significant overlaps between a preventative approach to health that seeks to address the wider determinants of health and action to protect and enhance the environment and tackle climate change.


Key focus areas, practical topics & resources for joint working

This section focuses on key practical topics that involve the crossover of planning, health and often also environmental sustainability that are important for Kent and Medway. The aim is to facilitate joint working to more effectively address the issues that each sector faces. Under each topic key messages are highlighted along with links to relevant tools, advice, evidence of impact and case studies.