Brief summaries are provided below of selected case studies demonstrating work on health and climate change.

Links are provided for further information.

Bristol?s Health and Wellbeing Strategy (published October 2013) includes ten clear priorities for action based on extensive public and stakeholder engagement. These include a priority to: ?Create a high quality and well-connected built and green environment, and manage the health impacts of Climate Change?. Before the formal transition of Public Health into the local authority, Bristol had developed a small Healthy Urban Team of public health professionals embedded in key council departments. This team had built an extensive understanding of the link between health and the way the urban environment is planned and managed. Work is now underway to confirm the actions needed to meet the priority highlighted above, but having this intention clearly stated in the strategy highlights the importance of incorporating population health impacts into urban planning and climate change adaptation.

Hertfordshire County Council and NHS Hertfordshire Environment Group commissioned a study in 2009 to identify the impacts of climate change on health and adult care services in the county. As a result both organisations have been embedding climate change risk into everyday service delivery, decision making, policies, projects and planning.

Birmingham’s Climate Change Adaptation Partnership is putting health inequalities at the heart of its strategy. A range of tools and approaches have been identified for communities which need most help to adapt to the effects of climate change. The adaptation partnership has already highlighted the opportunities of risk mapping for considering health in planning for climate change. Engaging health services in the work of the partnership has raised their awareness of the health impacts for example of projected higher temperatures. The risk mapping tool won the 2009 Local Authorities Research and Intelligence Association (LARIA) Excellence in Research Award for its innovative methods of applying data.