The introduction of the Health Premium in 2015-16 is another motivator for health professionals to collaborate with planners.

The Health Premium Incentive Advisory Group (HPIAG) will decide which indicators from the Public Health Outcome Framework will be chosen; then from 2015-16 onwards councils that improve on the required indicators will get extra money from central government. The full list of indicators councils will be able to choose from includes many that will not be affected by non-health services (e.g. immunisation) but there are incentives elsewhere in the system for these to improve (e.g. quality premiums). Therefore it is considered likely that the indicators chosen for the Health Premium will be the broader ones that engagement with the planning system could help to address e.g.

  • Gap in life expectancy
  • Schools
  • Excess winter deaths
  • Wellbeing scores
  • Excess weight
  • Loneliness