Incredible Edible Todmorden unlimited, based in the Yorkshire market town of Todmorden, aims to provide access to good local food for all.

They achieve this through:

  • working together;
  • learning – from field to classroom to kitchen; and
  • supporting local business.

From early work on community herb gardens, they have moved to planting and growing vegetables and trees all around the town, including several orchards; and encouraging the production and consumption of local eggs. They are also working with public bodies in the town to use their land; like the fire station and the railway station – or to work with them on their own Incredible Edible ideas. Every school in the town is now involved in growing projects and they promote food-based learning for the community as a whole. Major projects underway include a state-of-the-art facility to grow fish and salad leaves at a local high school and the development of major resources for growing and learning on two donated greenfield sites.

Their campaigns have spread the word locally, regionally and nationally. All sorts of groups have adopted the Incredible Edible name, from near-neighbours to people all over the world who come to visit and share ideas.

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