Key focus areas for joint working

“Local planning authorities should adopt proactive strategies to mitigate and adapt to climate change, taking full account of flood risk, coastal change and water supply and demand considerations? (para 94).”

NPPF, 2012

Changes to the environment of communities need to be planned carefully to facilitate the conditions and the lifestyles that lead to well-being, improved life chances, improved health outcomes and reduced health inequalities. To achieve this, local authority planners need the support of others delivering public services to understand more about the needs of communities and to make better use of the expertise of other public service specialists.

“To achieve sustainable development, economic, social and environmental gains should be sought jointly and simultaneously through the planning system.”

NPPF, 2012

This section focuses on key practical topics that involve the crossover of planning, health and often also environmental sustainability that are important for Kent and Medway. The aim is to facilitate joint working to more effectively address the issues that each sector faces. Under each topic key messages are highlighted along with links to relevant tools, advice, evidence of impact and case studies.

“Local planning authorities should work with public health leads and health organisations to understand and take account of the health status and needs of the local population (such as for sports, recreation and places of worship), including expected future changes, and any information about relevant barriers to improving health and well-being.”

NPPF, 2012

The topics covered in this section, selected based on published evidence (e.g. Marmot Review) and direct consultation, are as follows:

  • Healthcare infrastructure implications of development
  • Sustainable/active travel
  • Active communities
  • Climate change resilience
  • Tackling obesity/coronary heart disease e.g. access to healthier food/control of takeaways
  • Enhancing air quality
  • Energy efficient homes
  • Planning for the ageing population
  • Reducing health inequalities

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