SustainabilityMaidstone SUDS

The KCC Resilience and Emergencies Unit Annual Operating Plan 2014/15 contains the following targets:

  • Ensure greater emphasis on preventive planning, in compliance with the National Planning Policy Framework;
  • Integrate preventive planning into all relevant plans, guidance and training; and
  • Ensure a community leadership role in embedding preventive planning into KCC roles and responsibilities. (Contact: Tony Harwood email

Maidstone Borough Council ensured the detailed planning and implementation of ambitious sustainable urban drainage (SUDS) infrastructure, including ditches, balancing ponds and semi-natural habitat buffers, prior to the construction phase within two recent major housing schemes, namely MAP Depot, Maidstone Road, Marden (Redrow Homes Ltd.) and Langley Park, Maidstone (Taylor Wimpey).

Surface water flood risk had been identified at both sites, and early phasing of SUDS was acknowledged as crucial to mitigate against any future risk of surface water run-off and down-stream flooding and siltation. Paragraphs 164 and 172 of the NPPF informed the relevant planning conditions imposed by the Borough Council. (Contact: Steve Clarke email