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The London Blackfriars Novotel has been ranked in the top 10% of sustainable commercial buildings in the UK for its ‘outstanding’ eco-friendly policies by BREEAM (The Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method).

The hotel has been given an ‘excellent’ rating for its environmental performance and is aiming to change the mindset of guests so that sustainability becomes something they actively seek when choosing a hotel.

Savings in laundry costs at the hotel gained through encouraging guests to reuse towels and bedding go towards reforestation projects, and the group has planted more than 2,000 trees a day since 2009.

In addition, the hotel uses low energy lamps for permanent lighting and in bedrooms; energy-efficient refrigerators and boilers; and water efficient taps, showers and toilets. The hotel has also installed an CHP system that collects ‘waste’ heat and uses it to generate electricity and heat water, significantly reducing the energy use of the hotel, and saving 31.2 tonnes of CO2 annually. Recycling is extensive and includes electrical and electronic equipment and cooking oil.

The Accor Group launched its sustainable development strategy, the Planet 21 Initiative (a free to access online sustainability resource for the hospitality sector), in 2009 and since then has been shortlisted for 5 industry sustainability awards, including winning the AAs ‘Eco group of the year’ award in 2013.