This online resource aims to help practitioners navigate the plethora of tools, resources and policy and legislative underpinnings for joint working on planning, health and sustainability; and to demonstrate the added value that can be generated from joint working.

The purpose of this online resource is threefold:

  • To assist planners in making informed decisions in support of healthcare and sustainability, supporting delivery of the National Planning Policy Framework in a locally appropriate way;
  • To support health and sustainability professionals in understanding the planning system;
  • To facilitate and support joined up working between planning, health and sustainability officers in order to deliver across multiple outcomes more efficiently.

The resource is a direct result of recommendations within Kent’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, particularly the sustainability needs assessment.

The ultimate outcome of applying the online resource should be improved health and welling for all, a higher quality environment, and reduced health and social care costs and carbon emissions. The online resource is tailored to three core audiences who’s agendas overlap: planners, public health professionals and environmental sustainability specialists. Please click on the relevant item in the menu at the top of the page to access material for each audience.

The Joint working section, also accessed via the top menu, integrates the three sectors and forms the basis for collaborative working. This section focuses on key practical topics that involve the crossover of planning, health and environmental sustainability that are important for Kent and Medway. The aim is to facilitate joint working to more effectively address the issues which each sector faces.